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Mason Hosker




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“50 Most Stylish Southerners” —Southern Living Magazine

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“The power of femininity: equal parts finesse and flourish; wisdom and whimsy; insight and intrigue; sparkle and sagacity. Dresses by Mason Hosker lavish the wearer in radiant and refined feminine elegance and captivate the admirer with a whisper of southern charm and a subtle air of cosmopolitain savvy.

Mason Hosker designs feature sumptuous fabrics, classic silhouettes and exquisite design details — artfully crafted to coalesce with the female form. The sweeping skirts, fitted bodices and high-style prints combine to achieve a look that is quintessentially feminine, timeless and chic.

Designer Danielle Mason Hosker, who counts accomplished dancer and choreographer among her pursuits, designs with a natural musicality and a sharp eye for beautiful movement. The result is a collection that sings with melody and motion — dresses that radiate grace, glamour and a scintillating kinetic energy.

Whether she’s dazzling a table adorned with linen and orchids, enlightening a crowded auditorium or gliding across a polished cyprus-wood floor, when she’s wearing Mason Hosker she does it with a balletic fluidity, beauty and strength that are all her own.” –Scott Sandman

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“Mason Hosker is more than your average wedding dress designer. The fashion creative, who is also an accomplished dancer and choreographer, brings her unique background in the arts to bear on her design work, allowing her experience with music and movement to infuse her designs with a natural fluidity and energy. The result? Wedding dresses that radiate their own grace and glamour. Ideal for brides (and women) who love the power of femininity, these wedding dresses are known for their ability to empower the wearer with a radiant sense of elegance –and absolutely captivate everyone within eyesight. Hosker loves to work with the finest most luxurious fabrics for her creations, pulling together classic silhouettes and exquisite detailing to work with the feminine form in the most figure flattering way. Her finished looks aren’t just pretty, they’re timeless, feminine and chic.” –Martha Stewart Weddings